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Spandex is a synthetic fiber. It is a long chain of polymer (polyurethane) and is known for its elasticity. Spandex also referred to as Lycra®, or Elastane in Europe and rest of the world. It has the ability to expand up to five times of its original length under tension. When released from tension it nearly returns to its original size. For clothing, spandex is usually mixed with cotton/rayon/polyester or nylon fiber depending on the fabric.

Usage of Spandex Fabric:

The most common usage of Spandex includes swim wear, dance costumes, leotards, active wear, wrestling wear, skating dresses, leggings, backdrops for stages, uniforms, head/cheer bows, body suits and etc.

  • Nylon spandex fabric like Milliskin Shiny/Matte and Printed Spandex can be used for Swimwear, Dancewear, Costumes, Leotards, Active-wear, Bicycle pants and etc.
  • Heavy Weight nylon spandex like Moleskin Matte/Shiny/Rough, and Jumbo Spandex can be used for Wrestling, Circus, Sportswear, Skating and etc
  • Cotton Lycra® and Rayon Lycra® basically used for T- shirts, Tank tops, Leggings, Yoga wear, Active-wear and etc.
  • High Performance and Rayon Coolmax®Lycra® basically used for Active-wear, Sportswear, Athletic Wear, Bicycle Pants and etc.
  • Hologram spandex fabric like Pattern/Abstract, Animal Print, Holographic Dots, Shatter Glass Hologram and Mystique Spandex can be used for Costumes, Dress, Special Occasions and etc.

Please check our online Catalog for more categories and information.

Types of Spandex:

There are different types of spandex. But most commonly used spandex is two types:

  1. Two-way Spandex can be stretched one way. (Length or Width wise)
  2. Four-way Spandex can be stretched both ways. (Length and Width wise)

Care and Instructions for Spandex Fabric:

Spandex Fabric can be easily damaged by heat. Different types of Spandex fabric require different care and instruction. There are a few common instructions for the spandex fabrics as stated below:

  • Hand wash separately in cold water, mild detergent.
  • Do not apply to it chlorine, bleach or fabric softener.
  • Do not rub fabric together.
  • Lay flat to dry, do not wring.
  • Do not iron or dry clean.
  • Keep spandex items separate as bright and dark colors may bleed.
  • Note that the bright shiny foil finish may fade after wear and washing.
  • Testing for chlorine/salt and sweat sensitivity/colorfastness and bleeding prior to garment production is recommended.

Thread and Needle:

Spandex fabric needs different types thread and needle. You can get this from trimming store or any store that sells threads and needles.

Dyeing Spandex Fabric:

Spandex fabric can be easily dyed except polyester blend spandex. Different types of spandex fabrics need different dyes, dyeing processes and techniques. You may contact fabric dye sellers to get more information.


  • 1 Yard - 36 inches
  • 1 Yard - 0.91 meter.
  • 1 Yard- 3 feet
  • 1 Meter - 39.37 inches.