Specializing in high quality Spandex fabric.

Specializing in high quality Spandex fabric.

  • Spandex fabric 04 Way Metallic Spandex (Gold)
  • Spandex fabric 1Printed Spandex (Black/Neon Pink/Orange/Multi)
  • Spandex fabric 2Printed Spandex (Blue/Purple Galaxy Combo)
  • Spandex fabric 3Pattern/Abstract Hologram (Black/Neon/Green/Multi)
  • Spandex fabric 4Metallic Pattern Spandex (Gold/Gold)

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We offer high quality stretch fabric in variety of categories such as Nylon, Printed, Hologram, Cotton, Velvet, Laces and among others. Our fabric is used by Costume Designers, Ballets, Broadway Shows, Circus, Hollywood Movies and more. Our retail showroom is located at heart of New York City’s Garment District.


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